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Chesterfield Minibus Hire

When it comes to mass transit, it is a daunting task to transport a large group of travellers who are on a joint trip. Public transport options are not reliable in regards to ensuring that everybody travels together. Most travelling groups need to stick together during a trip. This is true for school trips, work excursions or a trip involving friends and family members. It is imperative to find a mode of mass transit that ensures that the whole group sticks together.This is where Chesterfield Minibus Hire comes in. As a company, we are committed to ensuring that it is not a logistical nightmare for you, and your travel group to enjoy a trip to Chesterfield and its surrounding areas. Chesterfield is a popular spot for the travelling group which is why we offer our services to travelling groups.

Our History

Chesterfield Minibus Hire is a family owned company that started more than two decades ago. While it was easy to hire smaller vehicles, there was a serious market gap for larger groups who wanted to hire a vehicle with which they can travel together. We started out with a humble fleet that consisted of three minibuses which were available for hire.Our main goal was to have a reliable minibus hire company. At the time, it was difficult to find a reliable service – with honest management – that offered minibus hire services. As a company, our main founding principle was professionalism. Unlike other companies which operated bus services and offered minibus hire as a side business, our sole business activity was minibus hire.

Our commitment to professionalism saw us grow steadily over the past twenty years to become one of the premier minibus hiring companies within the UK. When you hire a minibus from Chesterfield Minibus Hire, you are guaranteed that you are working with a dependable company.

Our Services

Our main service offering has always been the hiring of minibuses regular sized buses, and coaches. Regarding categorization, we can broadly split our services into two main groups.

Minibus Hire with driver 

If you, or one of your travel mates, are we have qualified a driver to drive the minibus/coach that you are hiring, then you can opt to hire a vehicle with driver. This is the more affordable option since you will not be paying the chauffeur fees. At Chesterfield minibus, we will require proof (in the form of a valid drivers' license) that your group has a qualified driver. While this might be the affordable option, it will require at least one of your travelling mates to carry out the chauffeur duties

Chauffeured Minibus Hire

The best option – in our opinion – is to hire a chauffeured vehicle. While there might be a minimal price increase, it would significantly improve your touring experience. For one, we ensure that our chauffeurs are well trained and experienced to handle the vehicles that they are assigned to. Minibusses and especially larger coaches require additional expertise to handle them safely.For the safety of you, and your travelling group, you will be better served working with a driver who has handled the vehicle for an extended period. Having a chauffeur also ensures that all the participants in your trip get to fully enjoy themselves without being burdened with the responsibility of being the designated driver.

If you are an out of town travelling group, then you are best served by getting a chauffeured minibus hire. Some of our chauffeurs have handled hundreds of tour groups within the Chesterfield area, which means that they can give you suggestions on the attractions, restaurants, and hotels that will best suit your needs and preferences. Nothing beats local knowledge when you want to enjoy an out of town excursion.

Our Fleet

There are very few – if any – minibus hires companies that can boast the diversity that Chesterfield Minibus Hire offers regarding diversity. Regardless of the size of your travelling group, we have a vehicle that will meet your needs.The diversity of our fleet encompasses a range that begins from 8-seater minibuses and ends with coaches that have a seating capacity of 72. While the diversity of our fleet is impressive, it is not the only factor that ensures that we have the best minibus fleet in the UK.We have a policy that ensures that all the vehicles that we operate are not more than three years old. Once we operate a vehicle for more than three years, we replace it with a brand new vehicle. This ensures that we maintain a modern fleet that has all the amenities offered by modern technology.

Some of these amenities that all our clients enjoy, including a surround sound system, flat screen TVs as well as a modern air conditioning system. We also ensure that all our minibuses and coaches are well upholstered with comfortable seats which will keep you well rested even for long distance journeys. When you travel with chesterfield minibus, you are assured of comfort, reliability, and safety.

Activities to enjoy in Chesterfield

There are many attractions and activities that you can enjoy within Chesterfield. To broadly categorize them, when you are in Chesterfield you can enjoy the following attractions.

  1. Historic Sites

As a town founded by Romans, Chesterfield is a town that is historically significant. Some of the more notable historic sites within Chesterfield town include:

  • The Chesterfield parish (also known as the crooked spire).
  • Hardwick halls (and gardens)
  • The Barrow Hill Roundhouse railway centre
  • Lumsdale Valley
  • Chatsworth House
  • The Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet.
  1. Natural spaces and Parks

If you want to unwind and recharge your mental batteries with a picnic or a quiet stroll in nature, the Chesterfield town will not disappoint you. Some of the famed natural spaces and parks that you can enjoy during your Chesterfield excursion include:

  • The Chesterfield canal
  • Holmebrook valley park
  • The Queen's park
  • Poolsbrook county park
  • Walton dam
  • The Avenue Washlands Reserve

Famous Sculptures

What differentiates Chesterfield and most of the other destinations within the UK is the large number of famous sculptures and monuments that the town has. Some of the more remarkable ones include:

  • The growth sculpture in Horms bridge Island
  • The Hepworth sculpture
  • The Mollusk
  • The carved boulder
  • The George Stephenson statue

All these attractions and many more are best enjoyed when you, and your travelling group, use Chesterfield Minibus as your transport provider.

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