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Corporate Events - Chesterfield Minibus Hire

Make your Corporate Events successful with the capable assistance of our Chesterfield Minibus Hire. We take care of your executives with a wide selection of luxurious buses that will take them to meetings in a timely manner.

Customised Packages

Our corporate clients appreciate the convenience of being able to adjust travel packages to suit their needs. We have plans to suit your budget and all of our buses are chosen with attention to both style and efficiency.

Select your departure point and destination easily via our online platform. Our Chesterfield Minibus Hire can also help you to make arrangements for your trip over the phone. It is our aim to help you save time, so we take care of all of your travel arrangements, leaving you free to focus on making your event a success in other ways.

Safe Buses

Our buses meet the highest standard in the automotive sector, including those set for safety. Our drivers are trained to handle emergencies and each one of our buses undergoes regular scheduled maintenance. Fire extinguishers are kept on board and all buses also have a first aid kit. We will get you to your corporate event on time, so contact us today.

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