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Cheap Minibus Hire – Chesterfield Minibus Hire

Despite Chesterfield Minibus having been in business for more than two decades, there are still some residents and visitors of Chesterfield that are not aware of the benefits that you get from hiring a minibus. For starters, it is the cheapest way to transport a large group of people during your tour. When you use a hired minibus, all the members of your touring group will be travelling in one vehicle.

Regarding fuel costs, this is much cheaper than if 4 or five people shared a taxi or hired vehicle. With the affordable pricing policy that Chesterfield Minibus Hire uses, it is much cheaper to hire a minibus or coach from us than with any other hiring company. Other than the affordability aspect, other benefits of hiring a minibus from us include:

  1. It is dependable

When you hire a minibus or coach from Chesterfield Minibus Hire, you are guaranteed of getting a relatively new and well-maintained vehicle. When we buy our minibuses and coaches, we only source them from reliable and reputable manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, Iveco, and Volkswagen.

Apart from working with dependable manufacturers, we also have a policy of replacing every minibus/coach that has been in service for three years. The vehicles that we maintained also get a routine mechanical check after every hire. It is virtually impossible for any of your vehicles to suffer a breakdown and mess up your trip schedule.

  1. It is a safe way to travel

Most of our clients prefer to hire a vehicle with one of our trained chauffeurs. All of our drivers have the training and experience to safely handle the vehicles that they are assigned to. You will never get into an accident caused by human error if you use a certified driver from Chesterfield Minibus Hire.

If you want to enjoy your trip with the cheapest, safest and most dependable minibus hiring company, give us a call and get a free price quote from our friendly representatives.


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