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At Chesterfield Minibus Hire, we have taken deliberate steps to formulate a very fair pricing policy. It would not make any business sense to price out our clients, which is why all our fees are extremely competitive, in comparison with our competitors. As with all seasonal businesses, the price fluctuates throughout the year depending on whether we are experiencing a 'peak' season or an off-peak season.

Peak season refers to the months where we see a lot of business. A good example would be the holiday season (most of December) when most families and workplaces get to unwind and go for joint trips. During this season, most of our vehicles are usually hired out on a daily basis. During the off-peak seasons, business is not as brisk.

As such, there are different pricing regiments for the two seasons. During peak seasons, you might find it a bit costlier to hire from us. This is not an economic phenomenon that is unique to Chesterfield Minibus Hire; all seasonal businesses (especially hotels) experience similar pricing fluctuations. Pricing is determined by the demand and supply in the market, and during peak season, the demand significantly surpasses the supply, leading to (slightly) higher prices. During the off-peak months, the price is somewhat reduced. This is a deliberate strategy to attract clients during slow business months.

If you want to hire a vehicle from Chesterfield minibus and have a flexible schedule, then you should aim to organize your trip during the off-peak season. This will save you some of the hiring cost. If you cannot reschedule your trip to the offseason, then there are still strategies that you can use to get a lower price.

When you book, and pay, early (at least one month ahead), you might qualify for a discount, even during the peak seasons. Either way, we take a lot of precaution to ensure that even our peak season pricing is affordable for all our clients.


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